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ISMN Users' Manual

ISMN Users' Manual Fifth, revised edition 2016

This fifth, revised edition follows the ISMN Standard ISO 10957 (from 2009) and takes into account some new wording in ISO standards in general. So the content has only been updated and enriched in a very few aspects, e. g. the term 'publisher' has been replaced by the wider term 'registrant', there are a few more 'terms and definitions' and there is now a reference to the ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier).

Also in the future we will try to improve the text according to the needs of the ISMN users. So, this manual will be constantly updated.

Upload: 1 Febuary 2016

Download the latest version of the ISMN Users' Manual here.


The ISMN Users' Manual is available in several other languages as well, thanks to many ISMN agencies who already provided their translations. The copyright is always with the respective ISMN agency. 
More translations will follow.

Albanian (from the ISMN agency in Kosova)




Hungarian (translation of the 4th edition)

Latvian (translation of the 3rd edition, showing old 10-digit ISMN)

Polish (translation of the 4th edition)


In some cases the Manual is abridged and slightly adapted to the situation in the respective country, setting out basic rules of ISMN assignment:



More information can be found on the websites of the ISMN agencies.